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Pre-Planning - a Gift of Love

Published: December 29, 2018 by Erica Graham

In general it is possible to transfer your pre-arranged cremation plan from the funeral home you purchased it from to Tennessee Cremation Care. It’s important to keep in mind that the laws and regulations of individual states govern the prepayment of goods and services provided by a funeral director. States have these laws to ensure that advance payments are available to pay for cremation services when they are needed but protections vary from state to state. Our staff is very knowledgeable about the laws in Tennessee and Kentucky and would be pleased to review them with you and provide our advice and guidance. Transferring your pre-paid cremation to us from another funeral home will likely save you a lot of money.

Simply gather the documents associated with your prearranged cremation or funeral contract that are in your possession and meet with a member of our preplanning team and we will thoroughly review your options with you. After the consultation we will offer our recommendation on what your next step should be. The consultation we provide is absolutely free of charge and comes with no obligation on your part. It is our desire to make this process simple and to save money for those who just want cremation.

Call Tennessee Cremation Care today at (931) 553-1660 for help with transferring your pre-arranged cremation plan. You can also visit our website to learn more.

A New Reality

Published: December 17, 2018 by Erica Graham

With 16 years of experience helping families plan ahead for cremation and funeral needs, I have witnessed a dramatic shift in the attitudes and opinions of the average person. This shift started around 20 years ago which also happens to coincide with the coming of age of baby-boomers. Tennessee Cremation Care was established to meet the need of the rapidly growing percentage of the population looking for a simple, inexpensive, and straightforward approach to cremation services.

Casket manufactures were the first to realize in a tangible way what was happening. Funeral Directors began to hear again and again “just give me a cheap casket” or “I really need this to be inexpensive”. With people buying less expensive caskets, margins began to shrink, and this was the beginning of a “death spiral” for many in the funeral industry. Funeral directors, who are notoriously bad business people, reacted to this change in consumer sentiment by raising pricing instead of adjusting their business model to meet the new reality. But unable to understand the changes taking place, funeral directors simply buried their heads in the sand and convinced themselves that loyalty and family heritage would insulate them from the clear danger ahead. Funeral homes continued to build new and elaborate facilities even though the families they serve were clearly looking for something different. I believe people generally fall into 2 camps – they either have the money, but don’t want to spend $12,000 to $15,000 on a funeral, or they just don’t have the money. Either way, the old way of operating a funeral home, often handed down from one generation to the next, no longer works. Sadly, most funeral homes haven’t figured that out yet.

This change in attitude from the consumer also brought with it a significant rise in the cremation rate. Many people are deciding that cremation offers a low cost alternative to traditional burial but still offers the opportunity to say goodbye to their loved one. This can be done by having a private viewing, a memorial service, or even a traditional funeral followed by cremation. In the case of having a traditional funeral the funeral home offers families the option of a cremation casket which costs much less than one used for burial. After the service is concluded the deceased is taken to a crematory for the cremation process. Others choose to have a memorial service which could include a private family viewing or many prefer to just have a simple or direct cremation with no services. Cremation eliminates traditional cemetery needs which often cost more than the funeral bill. There’s no doubt that cremation as a method of disposition will continue to increase for the foreseeable future.

Although Tennessee Cremation Care may seem like a new concept or idea, it’s simply a response to what more and more families are looking for, a low cost option for simple cremation services. We don’t claim that Tennessee Cremation Care (based out of Clarksville but serving all of Middle Tennessee including Nashville) is any better than traditional funeral homes, just different. While we aren’t the “cheapest” simple cremation company out there, we are certainly much less expensive than the traditional funeral homes that offer simple cremations. By keeping our overhead low, we can offer less expensive urns or other cremation merchandise and still be profitable which is the goal of every business. Although we offer low prices, we pride ourselves on our first class service and compassionate care while still offering a very affordable price point.

If you would like to find out what makes us different than other providers, and ensure you are comparing apples to apples when price shopping, please visit our website at Feel free to call 931-553-1660 or utilize the chat feature found on our website for any questions you may have.

Understanding Cremation

Published: December 10, 2018 by Erica Graham

What is Cremation?
The modern practice of cremation dates back to the middle of the 19th century. Yet, throughout history, many cultures have chosen cremation as a method of caring for the dead. Very simply, cremation is the process of reducing the body to bone fragments through the application of intense heat.

In recent years, cremation has become increasingly popular for people who live in Tennessee. More people are choosing cremation today simply as a matter of personal preference. Cremation is often considered to be an inexpensive, less complicated substitute for the “traditional” funeral. Many people also believe that at the time of death only two basic choices exist: immediate cremation of the body or a complete funeral including viewing, followed by burial. Actually several options are available in between for those who prefer cremation perhaps even more than with burial. As times change, trends change too. Today many opportunities exist for meaningful services for the benefit of family and friends – both before and after the cremation process occurs.

The Funeral Service and Cremation
Just like burial, cremation can occur after a funeral service where the body and casket is present at the service. The only real difference between a funeral followed by burial and one followed by cremation is that the body is taken to the crematory after the service in lieu of procession to the cemetery.
The Memorial Service and Cremation
A memorial service, like a funeral, is a service of remembrance, only without the body present. It may be held at a place of worship, the funeral home or any other appropriate location. Regardless of the site, Tennessee Cremation Care can assist in planning and organizing the service, and provide the necessary staff to direct the service. An urn may be present for the memorial service, as the casket would be for a funeral.

Direct Cremation
An immediate or direct cremation is limited to the prompt cremation of the body following death, with no formal funeral or memorial services. Following cremation, the cremated remains are returned to the family for disposition as they wish. Be wary of companies that offer “discount” or “low-cost” cremations. Cheap cremations offered at $500 to $800 often don’t include everything and can also be a loss-leader to up sale you after a commitment is made. In my research, companies can offer direct cremation, often known as a simple cremation, for around $1000 while maintaining the sort of dignity and professionalism most people would expect for the care of their loved one.

Other Cremation Service Options
While these descriptions cover the general type of cremation services, your choices are not required to fit exactly into any particular category. There are literally “options within options” available to provide a meaningful service.

An urn serves the same purpose after cremation that a casket does with burial: it contains the remains and becomes part of the memorial site. Urns range in style from classic and traditional designs to contemporary. Their composition may range from hardwood, stone or marble to castings of bronze, copper or other precious metals. Urn prices will vary according to their size, materials and workmanship. Many people think that purchasing an urn on the internet can save them money but families who choose to use Tennessee Cremation Care and purchase their urn from us save money. The other issue with purchasing an urn from someone other than a funeral director is the family having to fill it on their own. This is a task many people don’t really want to do.

Embalming and Cremation
Embalming is most often a matter of practical necessity for a service with the body present. For immediate cremation, embalming is not required.

Memorialization is the act of establishing a permanent means to commemorate the life of the deceased. Several choices exist: Inurnment is the placing of an urn within a niche in a columbarium. Columbaria are most often located within a cemetery and may be an entire building, a room or a series of niches along inside walls. Some people prefer earth burial of the urn rather than placement in a columbarium. Urns may be buried in standard cemetery plots and this is a frequent choice when space for the deceased has been reserved in a family plot. In many instances, two urns may be placed in one adult size space. Some people prefer scattering. Today, it is not unusual to hear of someone’s cremated remains being scattered in the air or over water. This is legal in many areas of Tennessee, and though it may have particular appeal for some people, survivors’ feelings should be carefully considered.

Pre-arranging the Cremation Service
Pre-arrangement is a thoughtful method of cremation planning which grows in popularity every year. Some people do this with the sincere desire to avoid being a burden on their families. Others like the idea of “having taken care of everything,” and yet others may have no one else who can make arrangements for them. Advance planning is a wise choice in regard to cremation. When death occurs, it is the next of kin who assumes primary responsibility for the disposition. Making funeral arrangements for someone while guessing at their preference may be one of the most difficult tasks a person can face. Having your choices and instructions on services and cremation on file with a funeral director eliminates unresolved questions, which may confound others. Funding the cremation service can further ease the financial concerns of family members. This allows you to arrange the kind of service you prefer and be assured of adequate funds for the future payment of the service.

The professional staff at Tennessee Cremation Care can help you with any questions you might have about cremation or pre-planning a cremation service.  You can request our Cremation Information Manual to learn all you need to know about in order to make the right decisions for you and your family. You can learn more about Tennessee Cremation Care by visiting our website at We can also be reached at 931-553-1660 or by email

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